As one of the Houston’s most visited public-parks, Herman Park is within walking distance from many public places in the city. Presented to the City of Houston by George Herman in 1941, Herman Park is Houston’s most historically significant green area. Herman Park hosts numerous cultural activities and institutions including Houston Zoo, Houston Garden Center, Miller Outdoor Theater, Houston Museum of Natural Science, and Herman Park Golf Course. Japanese Garden, Marvin Taylor Trail, Jogging Trail, Herman Park Railroad,  Mac Govern Lake, Mary Gibbs and Jesse H. Jones Reflection Pool, the Pioneer Memorial obelisk are just a few of other attractions in Herman Park.

Parks are among the places that reflect mosaic of the society visiting them. As one of the most diverse cities in the US, you can see the people from different ethnicity, age culture. This portfolio of work aims to reflect a feeling of “how is to be in Herman Park”. All photographs presented in portfolio are candid shots taken between 2008 to date.

1000_A2-003 1030_A13-001 1050_A3.1-001 1070_0073 e0-001 1100_2833 1110_MG_1540-001 1200_1906 1300_3300-001 1400_RW_0118-001 1410_A47-001 1500_2795 1600_P_A29-001 1800P_A25-001 2100_P_9510 2200_Herman Time Series - On the Way of the Zoo-001 2400_RW_0176-001 2500_MG_8473 P_1245 P_1252-001 P_1521 130_ 10_ e2010__ e10_tonemapped at P_1647 10__ e10_tonemapped P_9572 P_A5-001 P_A7-001 P_A9-001 P_A15-001 P_A17-001 P_A18-001 P_A19.1-003

P_RW_0160 P_RW_0200 P_RW_0208




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